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Copyright Advice

General (non-legal) copyright advice can be obtained by contacting the University Librarian.  Most uncertainties can probably be resolved at this level. 

In cases of legal doubt, the University Librarian will refer the question to the Vice-President, Academic, who will obtain legal advice as may seem necessary.  

Copyright Clearances for Course Packs

Any necessary copyright permissions for the use of copyrighted content in course packs will normally be sought by the course pack production service on behalf of the course instructor requesting the course pack.  

Copyright Clearance Service for D2L and Course Reserves

The Library and Archives will be pleased to seek transactional permissions to reproduce copyrighted content on behalf of members of the Laurentian community, where our general license with Access Copyright or any other available license or exception to copyright does not already provide sufficient clearance for the intended use of the content.  Usually, such permissions will be sought in connection with posting content to D2L or course reserves, or with the use of copyrighted content in a thesis or publication.  In most cases, we will work with Access Copyright.  All royalties and processing fees charged by Access Copyright or, as applicable, by copyright holders will be passed on to the person requesting the transactional permission. 

To request this service or to receive further information, please contact the University Librarian.