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Copyright is granted and governed in Canada by federal statute, namely, the Copyright Act.  Most members of the university community will likely find the following sections to be most important for their day-to-day uses of works under copyright:


Section 2: Definitions

Sections 3-5:  The rights reserved by a copyright holder and the works covered

Sections 6-12:  Term of copyright

Sections 13-14: Ownership of copyright, moral rights

Sections 15-26: Sound recordings, broadcasts and performances

Section 27: Infringement of copyright

Section 28: Infringement of moral rights

Sections 29-32.2: Exceptions to copyright, including fair dealing and specific exceptions for educational institutions and libraries, and for assisting persons with perceptual disabilities

Sections 34-40: Civil remedies in the case of infringement

Section 41: Technological protection measures (digital locks)

Section 80: Private copying


In situations that may not be covered under our general license with Access Copyright or under another license, the following documents will be helpful in understanding what can or cannot be done with materials under copyright at Laurntian University under provisions of the Copyright Act.