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JND Library Data Services

The JND Library offers the following services offered by Dan Scott, the acting Data Librarian:

DOI Creation and Data Registration with Datacite Canada

A digital object identifier (DOI) enables your work to be uniquely identified and retrieved from the entire set of documents available on the Web. Datacite Canada, a service of National Research Council Canada, provides free DOI creation and data registration services.

Laurentian University is partnered with Datacite Canada. Researchers may have DOIs created for their datasets and have them registered with Datacite for free. Registered datasets will usually be stored and publicly accessible in LU Zone, also for free. Where privacy and confidentiality issues prevent a dataset from being publicly accessible, alternative storage options may be arranged.

The Data Librarian is available to deposit the dataset and create standards-compliant metadata, as well as for consultation on storage formats and documentation.

Data Management Plan (DMP) Advisory Services

An increasing number of funders request Data Management Plans (DMPs) as part of the application process. We can help! The Data Librarian is available for consultation and assistance in developing DMPs. The Data Librarian recommends using Portage's DMP Assistant to create comprehensive DMPs.

RedCap Advisory Services

RedCap is Laurentian's online data collection tool, a great way to securely and efficiently administer surveys and aggregate and analyze the results. The Data Librarian is available for consultation and assistance in implementing surveys in RedCap.

Data Publication and Storage Advisory Services

Should LU-affiliated researchers desire to publish and store their data with services other than Datacite and LU Zone, the Data Librarian is available for advisory services and to assist with the publication and deposit process. Possible services include: metadata scheme selection, metadata creation, preparation of data for deposit, selection of data repository, and advice on copyright/IP/licensing options.

Searching for Research Data

The data librarian is available for assistance with and instruction in search and retrieval of outside data repositories and archives.