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Getting Books

Our Library Catalogue is the essential tool for finding Laurentian's books or e-books. You can also use the catalogue to search for journals and government publications.

You can search the catalogue by:

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Author/Editor
  • Series
  • Subject
  • Journal Title
  • Call number

Note: Not all e-books are catalogued in our catalogue. We encourage you to search the sources below to access more e-books in the collection 

  • Scholars Portal Ebooks (over 250,000 ebooks in multiple subject areas. Select Full Text Only to find only those ebooks with full text)
  • Ebook Central (close to 40,000 ebooks in multiple subject areas)


With nearly 200 million records representing titles held by nearly 75,000 libraries you will find almost any book ever published in the English language in WorldCat.

Why Use Books?

  • Books are extremely valuable resources when doing in-depth research on a topic! Authors have hundreds of pages to give detailed explanations and background information surrounding the various facets of your research interest.
  • Using this kind of in-depth information will make it easier to form a research question or thesis statement (or even spark your inspiration)
  • The bibliographies found in books are extensive, and will point you to other resources to add to your own resource list.
  • Remember: scholars write journal articles under the assumption that you already have a relatively thorough understanding of the topic – this means that you will likely not find the foundational information needed for your topic in the beginning stages of your research process. In this sense, books become indispensable