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Canadian Cases


Use the on-line catalogue to find hard copy holdings (e.g. Supreme Court Reports, Ontario Reports, Canadian Criminal Cases, Reports of Family Law, Canadian Rights Reporter, Canadian Human Rights Reporter, Labour Arbitration Cases, Canadian Labour Law Reports.)



CanLII provides access to primary Canadian legal material by jurisdiction, federal and provincial, including the full text of judgements as issued by courts, as well as a large number of Boards and Tribunals. To determine how far back judgements exist for each court or tribunal click on any jurisdiction in the left menu, then click Scope of Databases. To search the judgments again click on a jurisdiction, and a search dialogue will appear at the top.

All Supreme Court of Canada cases to the beginning of time are available in their official version as published in the Supreme Court Reports

Lexis-Nexis Academic (Quicklaw)

Court cases since 1876.  To find, click on "Search by Content Type>" and then under "International Legal" choose Canadian Cases.

Canadian Cases





US Cases

Lexis-Nexis Academic


  • U.S. Supreme Court decisions from January 1790 to present, searchable by majority opinion, minority opinion, concurring opinion, counsel, or headnotes
  • U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decisions
  • U.S. District Court decisions from 1789 to present
  • Decisions from Bankruptcy Courts; U.S. Court of International Trade; Tax Courts; Courts of Customs and Patent Appeals, and Veterans, Commerce, and Military Courts
  • State court decisions at all court levels for all 50 states and territories

For US federal and state law, click on US Legal and then Federal and State Cases as in:

US Cases

UK and Other Jurisdictions

Hein Online

Includes English Reports, Full-Reprint (1220-1867).  This collection contains over 100,000 cases, representative of 265 separate series of Reports,arranged by Courts.

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Includes cases from most Commonwealth countrties. 

UK Cases cover from 1558 through current and include

  • All England Law Reports Reprints from 1558 (when available),
  • ICLR Law Reports from 1865,
  • All England Law Reports from 1936 and other law reports from 1945.
  • Scottish reported cases from 1982 and
  • Northern Ireland cases from 1945.
  • Unreported cases from England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from 1980.

To access click on International Legal, then EU, Commonwealth, and Other Nations as in

British Cases

and then when in this section, tick off desired collection

as in

British Cases, Part 2