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Encyclopedias and Companions

Oxford University Press has also published handbooks on various areas of philosophy. See the Oxford Handbooks for full-text access to the collection.


A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press series)

Ancient philosophy. Online. 2000.
Causation. Print. 2013.
The Enlightenment. Print. 2015.
Epicureanism. Print. 2015.
German philosophy. Print. 2010.
Knowledge. Print. 2014
Logic. Print. 2017.
The Meaning of Life. Online. 2008.
Philosophy. Print. 2002.
Philosophy in the Islamic world. Print. 2015.
Philosophy of religion. Print. 2018.
Philosophy of science. Print. 2016.
Presocratic philosophy. Online. 2004.
Reality. Print. 2011.
Stoicism. Print. 2018.
Utilitarianism. Print. 2017.

Plus many individual philosophers.