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Using reference publications

When you are looking for definitions, or if you are not familiar with a specific subject, reference works such as dictionaries and encyclopedias become invaluable because they contain relatively short, authoritative articles. These articles often lay out the parameters of a subject and can assist you in trying to narrow your topic. Often such articles are accompanied by lists of readings (bibliographies) which allow you to explore the topic further. All of the resources listed below link either to the library catalogue record for each book or to an open-access website.

Reference resources in Spanish/Latin-American studies

Style manuals

Manual de estilo. 2008. 2. ed. Print.


Diccionario de americanismos. 2010. Print.

Nueva gramática de la lengua española. 2009. 2 vols. Print.

Encyclopedias: Latin America

Early Spanish American narrative. 2004. Print.

Enciclopedia hispánica. 1992-93. 18 volumes. Print.

Encyclopedia of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean cultures. 2000. Online and print.

Latin American women writers: an encyclopedia. 2008. Print.

Encyclopedias: Spain

Centro virtual Cervantes. Website. Open access.

Enciclopedia hispánica. 1992. Print.

Encyclopedia of contemporary Spanish culture. 2002. Online and print.

The Feminist encyclopedia of Spanish literature. 2002. Print.