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Canadian Legislation


CanLII provides access to primary Canadian legal material by jurisdiction, federal and provincial, including current legislation and regulations.

Nexis Uni

Current legislation plus earlier legislation (from mid 1980s) from Canada, B.C., Alberta and Ontario. Regulations also available. 

Federal legislation is also available at: and Ontario provincial legislation at Current Federal Bills are available at and Ontario Bills at:

US and Other Jurisdictions

Hein Online

In Hein Online, the Session Laws Library provides access to federal legislation not only from Canada (1792 to within a year or so), but to Australia (1901 to a year or two), the Bahamas (1968-1996), and the United States (1789 to three years ago).

Nexis Uni

Searchable access to the most current US laws including federal statutes, codes and regulations as well as state statutes, codes and regulations.