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How do I get a student I.D. card?

The official student card at Laurentian University is called the OneCard

There are two (2) different ways to get your OneCard.

1. Online
Visit your myLaurentian Student Portal Processes section to order a new or replacement card. Cardholders will be notified once the card is ready to be picked up. Distance-only students have the option of having their cards mailed to them at the address specified on the OneCard application.

2. In-Person
Visit the myLaurentian Hub on the main floor of the Parker building to take a photo, pay any fee and immediately receive a printed OneCard.

IMPORTANT: A government issued photo ID  will be required when picking up your first OneCard.

Why should I get a student photo I.D. card?

In addition to being the single most important piece of ID you possess during your time here at LU, your card will also allow you to borrow books at any other Canadian university library and it may also be presented for identification purposes when writing exams.

If you have any questions about your OneCard, please contact myLaurentian Hub at or 1-800-263-4188.

Photo Guidelines

Your photo must be:

  • taken with uniform lighting and not show shadows, glare or flash reflections.
  • centered and taken straight on, with face and shoulders centered and squared to the camera.
  • clear, sharp and in focus
  • taken in front of a plain white or light-coloured background with a clear difference between your face and the background.
  • an original photo that is not digitally altered or taken from an existing photo
  • JPG file format