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Be sure to check the catalogue, and Google to make sure the desired material is not available in our own collection or online. Books on loan from the J.N. Desmarais Library, the Huntington University Library, the University of Sudbury Library, or at the Northern Ontario Health Information Network (Nohin) - Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) collections are considered available, and cannot be ordered through RACER. Place a hold to reserve the copy.

Once you have determined the material is not available, login to RACER and submit a request.

Submitting a Request

If you have the complete bibliographic record for a desired item, simply login to your RACER account and fill out a Blank Request Form.

In order to obtain your document, your responsibility is to provide the following *required fields

  • a book has 3 required fields: title, author, publication date
  • an article has 7: journal title, article author, article title, pagination, volume, issue/number, publication date

Interlibrary loan staff will do the rest and will find possible lending locations on your behalf.

While searching certain library databases, requests can be submitted using the database feature "Get It @ Laurentian"  "" to auto-populate a request form. Auto-populated forms often lack information, therefore you must ensure all *required fields are filled out correctly or your request may be cancelled.

What can't I order?

Library materials may not be ordered more than once.

RACER may not be used to order required textbooks for courses. Please visit the University Bookstore.

No more than 15 books may be borrowed at any one time.

Normally excluded from this service: periodical volumes or issues (ie. journals), reference works, rare books, audio-visual materials. For information on how to order films, consult the Getting Films information tab

When can I expect to receive my documents?

Articles are typically available within 10 days.

Books and microforms are typically available within 3 weeks. Books borrowed from libraries outside Canada may take in excess of 2 months to become available.


Articles will normally be delivered to your Laurentian email address only, unless printed copies have been received which will have to be picked up at the Borrower Services Desk.

Books and other documents must be picked up at the Borrower Serivces Desk by the original requester.  No exceptions and no renewals.