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Are You Eligible to Receive This Service?

You live 50 kilometres or more from  Sudbury AND 

You are currently enrolled in a Laurentian University course offered online


You are a student on placement in your program and your placement is 50 kilometres or more from Sudbury 

Note: Home delivery is not available for regularly scheduled on-campus courses, regardless of the distance you live from Sudbury.

What Can I Borrow?

Any library material that is not available to you electronically can be ordered, whether the material is located in Laurentian's own collections - or elsewhere.


  • If the library owns a current or an older edition of a required textbook it is available for borrowing.  If it is not available, the Library will NOT order it from elsewhere.
  • Laurentian is unable to supply any loaned materials from other libraries to students residing outside North America.

Delivery of Material to Your Home

Articles will be delivered to your Laurentian email address only. Library materials will be shipped to your current address. 

shipping boxA postage paid shipping label will be provided in your package, taped to the front of the book. When finished with your library material, return the books to the J.N. Desmarais Library taping the postage paid shipping label onto the original envelope sent to you.

Loan Period

All books are subject to recall after 3 weeks of use.

The original due date is indicated on the cover of the book, and this date allows 1 week travel time each way. Please ensure that the material is back at Laurentian by the due date which means you must ship the material at least one week before it is due

When borrowing materials outside of Laurentian's collections, the loan period varies from between 3 and 6 weeks. These books are NOT renewable. Borrowers will be charged $1 per day for any material which is overdue.