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Indigenous Programs at Laurentian

Native Studies was first established as an undergraduate program by  the University of Sudbury and was recently renamed Indigenous Studies. It publishes the Undergraduate Journal of Indigenous Studies : Dbaajmowin.

At Laurentian itself,  the School of Native Human Services, which offered an undergraduate degree in social work, was renamed The School of Indigenous Relations.  This School has two programs:  The Honours Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work program and the Master of Indigenous Relations program.  The School is a proud sponsor of the Indigenous Social Work Journal previously called the Native Social Work Journal.

Courses are also taught from an Indigenous perspective in such disciplines as Architecture, Education, English,  Nursing, and Sociology.

Faculty Consultants

This research guide has been prepared in consultation with Taima Moeke-Pickering, from the School of Indigenous Relations as well as Sheila Cote-Meek, former Associate Vice-President Academic and Indigenous Programs, now at York University.


The purpose of this guide is to recommend print and electronic resources for conducting research in Indigenous Studies in the libraries on Laurentian University's campus.  Click on the tabs on the left for suggestions about starting your research, getting books and articles, and finding other useful tools for research in Indigenous Studies.

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Most of the Library's online resources are available to you from anywhere off campus.  See: LU Proxy Accounts.

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We can hold special classes at the request of at least 5 students. If you would like to arrange a special class, or you think your course would benefit from some in-class library instruction, please ask your professor to contact the librarian responsible for your faculty to set up some sessions.

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