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Orientation and Instruction

Brenda Wallace Reading RoomThe Library’s core workshops have been mounted in the Links section of our new home page under the heading "Research Skills Tutorial." 
Senate regulations require that these workshops “be integrated as a required component into each undergraduate program in the earliest-level course (or courses) that expect(s) the use of the library." However, we encourage you to make these workshops a compulsory part of any course requiring the use of library resources. The workshops teach students library fundamentals; they require no class time on your part; they may be done at any time by students; and best of all, once they have been done, they need not be done again as students can print off as many certificates as they require. Students need the information in these workshops if they are to exploit the library to the fullest. If you would like your own password, please contact the E-Learning Office, ext. 3962.

The library has also developped a series of Orientation and instructional videos, including a virtual tour of the library building. These videos will enable you and your students to familiarize yourselves with the services and tools offered by the Library and Archives, learn to search in Omni and the online databases, learn to retrieve articles and book chapters from the library's e-collection, and much more.

In addition to the online workshops, special in-class instruction in your discipline is also available. To make your arrangements, contact your archivist or librarian.