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What Libraries other than Laurentian Need to Know to Borrow from Us

This information is for libraries or institutions that borrow directly from the Laurentian University J.N. Desmarais Library. Individuals should contact their local library to request materials from other libraries.

For instructions and online Interlibrary Loan request forms for libraries without an ILL management system.

In order to use this form you must have either a Library and Archives Canada symbol or a locally created symbol in our VDX system. 

Symbols and Interlibrary Loan Policies in Canada directory

Laurentian University J.N. Desmarais Library symbol and policies.

If you need further assistance, please contact

Lost / Damaged Material

If an item is lost or returned in damaged condition, an invoice for the replacement cost, and processing fee will be issued. Material overdue for twenty-eight (28) days or longer will be declared lost. The minimum replacement cost is $100: 

  • $75 minimum replacement cost, up to the actual cost of the material
  • $25 processing fee

If an item declared lost is returned, the replacement charge be waived, but NOT the processing fee. 

We do not accept replacement copies for lost material.

ILL Charges for International Requests

Without a reciprocal borrowing agreement, the J.N. Desmarais Library charges for international document delivery are:

  • Articles: $20 or 1.5 IFLA vouchers
  • Books/microfiche: $45 or 3.5 IFLA vouchers

If you wish arrange a reciprocal borrowing agreement, please contact