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Tracking Your Requests

Login to RACER, and click 'My Requests'. A list of all of your requests will appear. Please note the “Status” of your request.

If you would like to inquire about a specific request, email and provide the ILL Number.

If an item is no longer listed, check your email for notification about your request.

Status Messages

The Status of a request defines its current position in the request lifecycle.

Cancel Pending - We are in the process of canceling your request.

Checked In - The lending library has the item back in their possession.

Conditional - A lending library has indicated they will supply your item as soon as some conditions are met

Idle - We will process your request shortly

New - A recently submitted request.

Not Supplied - Local library staff are searching other libraries for your item and may contact you if needed.

Pending – Your request has been sent to a lending library but have not yet been shipped or rejected.

Recalled – Requests on loan to your library which have been recalled by the lending library - these should be returned as soon as possible.

Received – Your item has arrived at the J.N. Desmarais Library and will be available shortly. Check your email for further details.

Returned – Requests which are being sent back to the lending library.

Shipped – The lending library has sent a notification that the item has been shipped.

Canceling a Request

To cancel a request, login to RACER and click “My Requests”. Click the button "Cancel"Cancel located next to each request you no longer require. If you prefer, you can email the ILL numbers you wish to cancel.

My Requests