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Related online resources for articles

One of my favourites for searching for articles on contemporary music  is Academic Search Complete. It is especially impressive for its coverage of the pop music scene since it contains essays and articles from across the media spectrum. It also brings together a range of knowledge fields, which makes it a handy resource for discovering themes pertaining to your topic that you otherwise may not have thought of.

We also get major newspapers like the Globe and Mail and the New York Times, the latter in text, historical newspaper and digital microfilm editions. The latter is a new product that shows exactly what the paper looked like when it was published; it is updated every six months. The Globe is notable for its Canadian coverage, while the New York Times covers the abundant New York scene with occasional forays elsewhere.

Check out as well Lexis Nexis which contains newspapers worldwide, updated daily.

Resources to find articles on music

The two prime resources to find scholarly articles on music are Music Index Online and RILM.


Since 1949, Music Index has indexed musical journals across North America and Europe. However, it is available online only since 1970. Prior to then, you must examine the volume for each year. The bound set of volumes is at the J.N. Desmarais Library.


Inaugurated in 1967, RILM indexes journal articles, book chapters and dissertations with particular attention to North America and Europe. Headquartered in New York, the Index is compiled by librarians worldwide, including Canada.

The Canadian Music Periodical Index is updated only sporadically. Nevertheless it is useful for its coverage of Canadiana.

Last but not least, there is the JSTOR Collection, a foundational set of core journals in full text, facsimile edition that includes a number of seminal resources for Music. Go to JSTOR and click on Music to see the journal titles listed. Music, of course, is written about in many other knowledge fields as well. Some of the collection stretches well back into the nineteenth century. In the case of Music, there were no standard indexes like Music Index prior to 1949. This makes it something of a treasure hunt to locate materials that may pertain to your research topic. It should also be noted there is normally a five-year delay in publishing current editions. So, to be complete, you should search the indexes that we have and online resources like Google Scholar. Then, once you have verified it is not in our catalogue, you could submit a Racer interlibrary loan request to obtain it.