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What Is Research Data?

Research data, also known as raw data, are data that have not been processed. This picture shows data displayed in SPSS where the numbers in rows represent a specific unit of observation (individual, household) and the numbers in columns are the values of variables.

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What is <odesi>?: (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure) is a digital repository for social science data, including polling data with a web-based data exploration, extraction and analysis tools. (more on <odesi>)
Students and researchers at Laurentian University have access to DLI (Data Liberation Initiative, Statistics Canada), Gallup Canada, Ipsos Reid and Voice of the People data located in <odesi>.
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Help Guides

Guide to using <odesi> in five easy steps (PDF)

<odesi> subject guide (Scholars Portal): A subject guide in the same format as this one, which provides detailed information about using <odesi>.

<odesi> Video Tutorials

Statistics Canada Research Data

Data Liberation Initiative (DLI): Statistics Canada division which makes available public use microdata files (PUMFs), databases and geographic files. The DLI primarily distributes StatCan microdata but also includes the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) and some data from the Canadian Insistute for Health Information's Discharge Abstract Database (DAD). Some of these files may be retrieved from the <odesi> portal. Other files must be requested directly from the Data Librarian. For more information, please contact

Research Data Centers (RDC): RDCs provide researchers with access, in a secure university setting, to microdata from population and household surveys. The centres are staffed by Statistics Canada employees. RDCs are located throughout the country; the closest RDCs to Laurentian are in Toronto and Ottawa. For more information, please contact