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Searching the Catalogue

The catalogue is your primary tool for finding books in the J.N. Desmarais Library. You can also use the catalogue to find other materials, including government publications and journals (including individual articles).

You can search the catalogue by:

  • Title
  • Author/Creator
  • Subject
  • Call Number

When you know the book you are searching for, pick Title or Author; when you are searching for a topic, start with Keyword unless you know the exact Subject heading describing your topic.

More on searching the Catalogue is available in Module 5 of the Research Skills Tutorial in D2L.

Additional Print Resources

  • Dictionary of Physics (2nd Floor: Ref. QC 5 C56 1996)
  • Encyclopedia of Physics (2nd Floor: Ref. QC 5 E545 1991)
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  (2nd Floor: Ref. QD 65 H3 / 3rd Floor: QD 65 H3)

Shelf Searching

Laurentian uses LC Classification. Some patrons may wish to browse for books in the stacks; Physics is classified under science (Q) and more specifically, under QC - Physics. The following are some key Physics designations:

QC 1-77 - General

QC 251-338.5 - Heat

QC 350-467 - Optics, Lights

QC 501-766 - Electricity and Magnetism

QC 770-798 - Nuclear and Particle Physics, Atomic Energy, Radioactivity

QC 811-849 - Geomagnetism

QC 851-999 - Meteorology, Climatology (including the earth's atmosphere)


With nearly 200 million records representing titles held by nearly 75,000 libraries you will find almost any book ever published in the English language in WorldCat.