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Class Space

The Library has small rooms available that may be reserved on special occasions for classes. Contact the Borrower Services Desk, ext. 4800.

The Brenda Wallace Computer Centre, which has 25 terminals, is available for your classes. To book, contact your librarian.


Previous exams are hosted on LU Drive and they are not available in paper format anywhere in the Library and Archives.  Access to the exams on LU Drive (by way of the links below) is restricted to accounts. You will need to log in with your Laurentian account and use the "Switching accounts" button to access the folder.


  • Exams - English (PDF)

    Note: exams for PHYS1006 (2002), PHYS1007 (2003), PHYS2406 (2002), and PHYS2407 (2003) are password protected. Students registered in these courses can get the password from their professor or from the Department of Physics (Room F519).

  • Exams - French (PDF)

NOTICE TO COURSE INSTRUCTORS: You may send previous exams to the Library and Archives in PDF format via email for inclusion in the Previous Exams collection for the use of students.  Alternatively, even preferably, you might consider uploading previous exams on the D2L sites for your courses. 


Numeric and geospatial data are available for teaching and research. Laurentian has a site licence for software such as SPSS and ArcGIS Desktop. For assistance, contact

Photo Identification Cards

Photo identification cards are the property of Laurentian University and are used by University faculties, services and staff to identify you as a member of Laurentian and to give access to campus services. These include library privileges, photocopier use, cafeteria, and entrance to the gym. For faculty, these cards are available at no charge from the myLaurentian Hub located on the first floor, R.D. Parker Building (formerly known as the Registrar’s Student Service Centre).


Each year, the library has over 1,000 high school students participate in orientation sessions, and we have space available in the classroom for attractive unit/program promotional brochures and posters. Contact Ashley Thomson, ext. 3322.

Research Assistance

Librarians are available to give you personalized assistance in conducting literature reviews.


An institutional repository (IR) is a database with a set of services to capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute a university's scholarly research in digital formats. As a general rule, IR technology has been developed to support the open access model of dissemination. Laurentian’s institutional repository LU|Zone|UL has distributed and preserved the scholarly work of LU faculty, in addition to Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, since 2007.