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The purpose of this guide is to recommend print and electronic resources for conducting research in Geography at Laurentian University. Click on the links on the left to see a variety of research resources that are available.
I am available to assist you in your research throughout the academic year.  Please e-mail me to set up a date and time.

Citations and Bibliography: Use Zotero

We recommend Zotero, a free, easy-to-use tool that helps you to collect, organize, cite and share your research.

Further information on citation styles is available in our Citation Styles Guide.

Library Instruction

To learn more about the library and its resources and how you can exploit them to your advantage, register in the Research Skills Tutorial on D2L. There are several sections in the tutorial with a short quiz at the end of each; at the end you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Many professors require you to take this tutorial--and once you finish it, you can save your certificate to reprint as often as necessary.

We can hold special classes at the request of at least 5 students. If you would like to arrange a special class, or you think your course would benefit from some in-class library instruction, please ask your professor to contact the librarian responsible for your faculty to set up some sessions.

Introductions and Reference Publications

Geography: a very short introduction. Online. 2008.
Human geography: a short introduction. Print. 2018.


The Atlas of Canada. Online. Natural Resources Canada.
Geography. Online. Statistics Canada

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Dictionary of geography. 2009. Print.
Dictionary of human geography. 2009. Online.
Dictionary of human geography. 2013. Print.
Dictionary of physical geography. 4th ed. 2016. Online.
Encyclopedia of geography. 2010. Online.
Encyclopedia of geographic information science. 2009. Online & print.
Encyclopedia of human geography. 2006. Online & print.

21st century geography: a reference handbook. 2011. Online.
SAGE handbook of qualitative geography. 2010. Online.

More Help

In the library: The Library User Assistance Desk to your immediate left as you enter the library is a good place to start.

By email: Email the librarian responsible for your faculty for a reply during regular working hours.

By telephone: 705-675-4800, or toll free at 1-800-661-1058, ext. 2

By chat: With our "Ask the Library" service. For more information, see About Ask a Librarian.

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