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With groups, you can collaborate remotely with project members, set up web-based bibliographies for classes you teach, and so much more.

  • Share your own work or sources you have discovered with others who are working in related areas.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, publicly or privately, on ongoing research.
  • Discover other people with similar interests and the sources they are citing.

Getting Started

i. Open Zotero on your desktop.
ii. Click the Brown box near the top left of your Zotero window. 
iii. Select "New Group."

Search and Sign Up for an Existing Group

i. Sign into your Zotero account on the web and then choose Groups.  
ii. In Groups, you can search for an existing group. 

iii. If you see one you like,

click on the link and ask to join.

Create a New Group

i. Choose a Group Name.
ii. Choose a Group Type.

iii. Once your Group has been set up, it will appear under your Groups tab.   At that point, you can click Manage Members to invite others to join it.

See Your Group Library in Zotero

To have your group appear in your list of collections, click on the Zotero icon to bring you back to the Desktop version, and then click the sync button to have the group appear in the Group Library Section.

Leaving a Group or Deleting a Group Library

i. Sign into your Zotero library on the web (
ii. Click Groups and then click the Group you want to leave.
iii. Click Leave.

iv.  If you want to Delete a Group you have created, click the group and then click Delete.

v.  Back in your Desktop version of Zotero, click the Sync command and the Group you have left or have Deleted will be removed from your Group library.