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The purpose of the first four steps that follow is to prevent .PDFs and other attachments from automatically loading into your Zotero account. These take up a lot of space and if they are included, you will soon exceed your 300 MG storage limit. [If you are interested in how much storage you are using, click on Settings at the top of the screen once you have logged into  Then click on storage.]

Fortunately, there is a work-around which will allow you to access the full-text of documents you want to save.  (See Step 5 in this section).

Step 1

i.    On a Windows machine (left) open the Zotero icon on your desktop. At the top left, click on Edit then select  Preferences. On an Apple Mac (right),  go to Zotero on the top left of your screen,  then click Preferences, second line down)

Step 2

At the General tab (top left), uncheck the options that allow for the automatic attachment of .PDFs as well as the automatic retrieval of metadata. To repeat, while there are no limits on the data sync, you only are given 300MB of free storage space for your attachments.

Step 3

Set your username and password on the Sync tab in the Zotero preferences. This will allow you to access Zotero on whatever computer you happen to be using.

Step 4

Click Set Up Syncing and then Unclick Sync Full-Text Content as well as Sync Attachment files.

Step 5

Click Advanced and then in the Resolver line type: . This will enable Zotero's Library Lookup service to find full-text documents licensed by Laurentian University.