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Librarians by faculty

Faculty Language Librarian
Arts English Natasha Gerolami (email) (book a research consultation)
  français Natasha Gerolami (email) (book a research consultation)
Education and Health English TBD
  français Leïla Saadaoui (email) (book a research consultation)
Management   TBD
Science, Engineering and Architecture English Sandra Rakovac (email) (book a research consultation)

Natasha Gerolami - Associate Librarian

PhD (University of Western Ontario)
  • Chair of the Department of Library & Archives
  • Liaison: Faculty of Arts
  • Coordinator of the Archives

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Sandra Rakovac - General Librarian

BSc. (Biology - Human Genetics), McGill University; MLIS (Graduate School of Library and Information Studies), McGill University
  • Liaison: Faculty of Science, Engineering and Architecture

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Leïla Saadaoui - Assistant Librarian

BA. (Sorbonne nouvelle et Nanterre, Paris, France), MSI. (EBSI, Université de Montréal)
  • Coordinator, French language services
  • Coordinator, User services (circulation, interlibrary loan, and reference)
  • Information literacy (French)
  • Liaison: Faculty of Education and Health (French)

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Dan Scott - Associate Librarian

B.A. English & Philosophy (Honours), Laurentian University; Masters of Information Studies (MISt), University of Toronto
  • Accessibility
  • Coordinator, Collections
  • Coordinator, Technical services
  • Electronic resource management
  • Systems

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Ashley Thomson - Librarian Emeritus

BA. (Toronto), BEd. (Toronto), MA. (McMaster), MLS. (Toronto)