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Librarians by faculty

Faculty Librarian
Arts Desmond Maley
Education Ashley Thomson
Graduate Studies Alain Lamothe
Health Ashley Thomson
Management Alain Lamothe
Science Alain Lamothe
School Librarian
School of Architecture Jennifer Roy
Bharti School of Engineering Tomasz Mrozewski
School of Sports Administration Alain Lamothe

Marthe Brown - Assistant Archivist

BA. (Université Laval), MA. (History - archivistique) (Université Laval)

Alain Lamothe - Associate Librarian

BSc. (Hons.) (Laurentian), MSc. (Laurentian), MLIS. (University of Western Ontario)
  • Liaison: Sciences
  • Liaison: Faculty of Management
  • Liaison: Office of Research Services
  • Liaison: Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Liaison: School of Sports Administration
  • Technical services coordinator
  • E-resources analytics
  • Reference service scheduling

Desmond Maley - Associate Librarian

ARCT (Piano Performer, Royal Conservatory of Music); BA (Toronto), MLS (Western)

  • Chair, Library and Archives
  • Liaison: Faculty of Arts (English)
  • Collection development coordinator

Tomasz Mrozewski - Assistant Librarian

BA. (Hons.) (Toronto), MPhil (Memorial), MLIS (Western)
  • Liaison: Bharti School of Engineering
  • Data
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Government Documents
  • Scholarly communications

Jennifer Roy - General Librarian

BA (Laurentian), MA (McMaster), MLIS (Western)
  • Liaison: McEwen School of Architecture

Leïla Saadaoui - Assistant Librarian

BA. (Sorbonne nouvelle, Paris, France), MSI. (Université de Montréal)
  • Liaison: Faculty of Arts (French)
  • Liaison: Faculty of Education (French)
  • Liaison: Faculty of Health (French)
  • French Services
  • Secondary School Instruction (French)

Dan Scott - Associate Librarian

BA. (Laurentian), MISt (Toronto)
On sabbatical until July 2019

Ashley Thomson - Full Librarian

BA. (Toronto), BEd. (Toronto), MA. (McMaster), MLS. (Toronto)
  • Liaison: Faculty of Education (English)
  • Liaison: Faculty of Health (English)
  • Interlibrary Loan coordinator
  • Distance education coordinator
  • Gifts
  • Secondary School Instruction (English)